High Speed Wireless Internet Services

Business   Wireless Internet

SOHO Business     $69.95/mo
The service for small businesses with minimal requirements. Accounts include a fixed IP address for VPN use.

Small Company     $84.95/mo
Perfect for little businesses with minimal requirements. Accounts include a fixed IP address for VPN use, and email/domain hosting

Standard Business     $124.95/mo
Our standard offering for typical company use. Includes fixed IP, Quality of Service, Domain, Email and Web hosting.

Premium Business     $174.95/mo
For the larger corporations with heavy volume and includes all of the standard business features plus IP subnets.

Custom/Private     $ Negotiable
Call us with your custom needs.
Residential   Wireless Internet

Residential     $49.95/mo
Keep in touch, surf the web, download videos and music from your favorite services. News, media, games and more.

Enhanced Residential     $59.95/mo
All the value of standard home wireless with 50% more speed for only $10/month more, customer-managed email and filtering.

Dialup   Internet Services

56K Dialup Internet     $9.95/mo
Like they say, it's the same Intenet so why pay more? No contracts, keep it as long as you like and quit when you're ready. New customers only.

Hosting Services

Domain Registration     $25.00/yr
Let us worry about and work with the registrars.

Domain Hosting     $20.00/mo
Mail, Website and DNS in one handy package.

Email Accounts     $60.00/yr
Need a home for your mail? Here you go.

Subscriber Services

WebMail Interface
Access your mail and control your email filters.

Bandwidth Speed Test
So, just how fast are you going?

Subscriber Portal Page
Tools, handy links and reminders. A good home base.

Customer Support
Information about getting some help from our support group.

Terms of Service
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